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Turkey A to B

Travel Channel - 2017

Trail of The  Caribou 

CBC Television - 2016                                          

The Lost Stories of Gallipoli

60 Minutes - 2015

When The Sea Ran Red

RTE - 2015

Why Anzac

with " Sam Neill "

ABC - 2014

Wildest Middle East : TURKEY

Discovery Channel - 2014

Game Of Stones

Discovery Channel - 2013


Unlikely Heroes Of The Arab Spring

PBS - 2013


 The Search For Noah's Ark  

 with " Joanna Lumley "

  ITV - 2012


 Getaways 2013

 BBC - 2012


 The Food Nanny - Liz Edmunds



Anthony Bourdain - No Reservations

Travel Channel  - 2011

Top Gear

BBC -2010

Armitage's Odyssey

BBC - 2010 


The Secret Mediterranean

With "Sir Trevor McDonald" 

ITV - Plum Pictures - 2010


World's Tallest Man

Discovery Channel - Wild Dream Films - 2010

BBC Tribal Wives Turkey film

Tribal Wives

BBC -Diverse Productions - 2009


Around the World in 80 Days

BBC - 2009


Bear Grylls: Ultimate Survival

Discovery Channel - Diverse Productions - 2008

 BBC Cleopatra Portrait of a Killer

Cleopatra: Portrait of a Killer

BBC - Lion TV - 2008


What The Ancients Knew: The Greeks

Discovery Channel - Edgework Media LLC - 2005 


Great Mysteries: Jason And The Argonauts

BBC/PBS - Maya Vision - 2004


Who Wrote The Bible

Channel 4 - Diverse Productions - 2004


Unlocking The Past

Reader’s Digest - Cafe Production - 2003


Building The Impossible: The Seven Wonders Of The Ancient World

Five (UK) / Discovery Channel  Atlantic Production - 2000


In The Footsteps Of Alexander The Great

BBC/PBS - Maya Vision 1996


For my first job as a TV fixer, all my knowledge and expertise working as a travel agent was brought into use. I was asked to deal with all the usual problems of filming, from hurrying along delayed permits to negotiating with locations over fees. Then of course there was the diverse challenges of bringing the past to life, from rustling up fire engines in the middle of the countryside (for a rainy scene), to locating characterful locals with a good story to tell.

Location Management Services:

Permissions: I can organise all the filming permits you require, to make sure your filming in Turkey runs as smoothly as possible.

Recce: I can fix everything you need for your filming recce and scouting trip in Turkey. I can coordinate your itinerary, and personally accompany you from start to finish.

Vehicle Hire: I can arrange any vehicles you need for your filming logistics in Turkey, whether it be cars, 4x4's, or minibuses. I can also organise other forms of transport, either for your crew or for the film itself -from planes to trains, and balloons to helicopters.

Flight Reservation / Hotel Accommodation: I can organise and book all your domestic and international flights and hotels. With my travel agency background I can advise you on the most suitably located hotels (as well as the nicest), and book them for you at a discounted rate.

Equipment Rental: I can source and arrange any additional equipment you might need for your filming in Turkey.

Translation: I can translate any documents you might need, from Turkish to English, or English to Turkish, whether it be interview questions prior to your filming, or interview transcripts after your shoot.